EASY GLIDER is an affordable Knee and Hip Rehabilitation Device intended for use in clinics or for home rehabilitation. 


Due to the nature of this device there is no exchange or refund offered on this product except for manufacturer's defects. Any problems caused from water damage will not be covered. In the event of a manufacturing defect an exchange will be provided for 1 year from date of purchase.


Proof of Purchase is required .

The Single Glider has a height adjuster that can be inserted in the groove at the back in two different ways, the Double Glider has a height adjuster that only goes in one way, they both have screws to lock them into place.

The wall bracket needs to be screw to the wall in a level position, we suggest that you attach a strip of wood to the wall, this will allow you to screw the bracket at different heights.



I am the individual purchasing an EASY GLIDER and hereby agree to the following:


I understand that the purpose of EASY GLIDER is to exercise and get fitness for a knee or hip joint


I acknowledge that the designers and retailers IAN FLEMING are not physicians, furthermore I am aware that it is always advisable to consult a physician before utilizing the EASY GLIDER.


IAN FLEMING and its distributors does not accept responsibility for any injury incurred when using the EASY GLIDER.




Contact us and Let's Get Moving Ian 083 260 2537

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