Phillo Beukes

“ Using the Easyglider over the last 6 months, we have seen it develop into superb rehabilitation tool for most parts of the body. Rehabilitation specialists and their patients will benefit from the high quality built, and varied use case”.

Angela Pautz Biokineticist

The Easy Glider has become a great asset to my practice. I found it has helped a great deal with more than just the knee joint. I use it for patients that struggle with shoulder mobility and reaching over head. It gives them guidance and support through the movement to improve ROM. 

Angela Pautz ( Biokineticist) 

Robyn Tayelor


I have used the Easy Glider on four patients that have had total knee

Replacements,  in terms of pain reduction and functional improvement, it has allowed them to extend reach in a short period.

Dr Peter Jones.


I have used the Easy Glider Apparatus (MK1) in post-operative rehabilitation programmes of users who have undergone both primary total knee replacement (TKR) arthroplasty revision and partial knee arthroplasty (PKR) revision  operations.

The primary purpose of the Easy Glider Apparatus (MK1) is primarily to contribute to knee ‘Range of Movement’ and strength improvement as well as functional mobility.

For the Easy Glider Apparatus (MK 1) to provide paced, progressive resistance, use was made of latex TheraBand (resistance bands).

Providing there has been patient usage compliance the results have been sufficiently encouraging, in my opinion, to recommend the use of the apparatus in post-operative rehabilitation programmes of users who have undergone both primary total knee replacement (TKR) arthroplasty revision and partial knee arthroplasty (PKR) revision operations.

Ruth Hoogehout

Nursing Sister

You don’t need to have full mobility to experience the health benefits of exercise. If injury, disability, illness, or weight problems have limited your mobility, there are still plenty of ways you can use exercise to boost your mood, ease depression, relieve stress and anxiety, enhance your self-esteem, and improve your whole outlook on life, the Easy Glider twin unit was designed for this purpose.


As a professional nurse who has been working with the frail aged for many years, I have found this product an absolute winner in the rehabilitation of the elderly who are recovering from surgery following fractures.

 It is also a must for those who need a limb kept supple following a stroke, and the frail residents that we are trying to keep mobile for as long as possible.


There are also those who are wheelchair bound for long periods, the Easy Glider, along with the assistance of a care giver can keep their muscles strong preventing atrophy and assisting with circulation.


An excellent product in any frail care setting.

Gill Maskell

Having had a total knee replacement I found your Easy Glider to be extremely helpful,  especially after the initial physio therapy to gain the range .  There after the east glider was a huge help in maintaining and increasing the range and stimulating the muscles.  It would have cost me a considerable amount to continue with physio and the other benefit is you can use this in the comfort of your own home and periodically throughout the day.


It certainly was of great benefit to me.


Gill Maskell

Pippa Jarman

I have not had to use the ‘Easy Glider’ myself, but I initially bought it a year ago when an Overseas friend was visiting me in Knysna.


She had been kicked badly by a horse which fractured her patella, and following surgery, the fitting of a boot, and some rehab, was still in some pain and discomfort, with limited movement.


She had an assessment from a Biochineticist and was taught how to use it whilst she was staying. The result was remarkable, and she returned to UK with renewed confidence, much less pain, better mobility and less swelling.


She returned to stay recently and used it again for general maintenance and mobility.


I have donated my Easy Glider to Phillo Beukes Physiotherapy in Knysna so that it can be loaned out as needed, and I would not hesitate to borrow it back if I or any friend was in need.


I have not used it for any injury other than the knee, but I know it can be used  in a variety of ways to assist in the healing and mobility of a variety of joints.


A brilliant ‘invention’ born of personal necessity.


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